Upcoming Writing Quests

Writing alone is hard. Come write with soul friends.

If you want to finally publish those essays you’ve had in draft mode, make significant progress on that book you’re working on, or simply create more dedicated space in your life to write -- we're here for you!

Enter our Online Writing Quests: You choose your own 5-week writing goal. We'll surround you with a top-notch instructor and incredibly supportive community to help you reach it.

All of our Quests include accountability buddies, weekly live video writing lessons, guest speakers, and secret rewards.

Keep scrolling to learn how it all works!

Get a glimpse of what happened in our previous Writing Quest by watching this recap video we made for our past participants. Presented by Soul-TV, our in-house news network!

Three Different Quests to Join

Led by a team of award winning authors and writing instructors. Their writings have been published in places like The New York Times, HBOMax, The New Yorker, Oprah Magazine, and more.

All Genres Quest

This Quest is for those working on any genre -- books, blogs, poetry, screenplays, comedy sketches, and more!

A chance to not only make progress on your writing but also be exposed to and make new friends working on a variety of writing styles.

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Fiction & Non-Fiction Book Quest

An opportunity to make progress on that book that seems to be taking forever to complete and be surrounded with fellow authors.

You'll also learn about outlining, editing, publishing and more, all led by an award-winning author who's been there.

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Short Stories & Essays Quest

We’ll match you up with new friends who are also writing big thoughts in smaller packages.

You'll give and receive feedback, and improve your craft through weekly writing lessons by an expert instructor.
‍Calling all bloggers and short story writers — this is for you!

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Example Instructor:

Faith Adiele is an award-winning author, professor, and speaker who was named one of Marie Claire Magazine’s “5 Women to Learn From." Her memoir Meeting Faith, chronicles her journey dropping out of Harvard and ordaining as Thailand’s first Black Buddhist nun.

Her work has been featured in places such as NPR, the Oprah Magazine, and HBO Max. Educated at Harvard, the Iowa Writers Workshop in Fiction, and the Nonfiction Writing Program at Iowa..

How Our Quests Work:

1. You set your writing goal

Choose weekly goals that are meaningful and easy to measure for you. For example, it could be number of pages, number of blog posts, or number of hours writing. We'll help you refine this is at our Kickoff Call.


2. We'll match you with an accountability buddy

Community is key to overcoming setbacks and moments of doubt. Your buddy will encourage you and you'll do the same for them because when we're all in it together, we can all win.

(You can learn more about how we make matches below in the FAQ).

3. Write, then check-in with your buddy!

At the end of each week, you’ll send your writing to your accountability buddy and exchange feedback. It can be over video, phone, or email. Whatever works best for the two of you!


4. Award-winning writing expert leads weekly video sessions (~90 minutes)

Every Wednesday evening, our Writing Guide will lead our weekly sessions, which includes a practical writing lesson specific to your Quest type, writing prompts, and time to check in with others.

Past topics have included: 
- "The Art & Science of Persuasion: Using The Eleven Senses to Improve your Writing"
- "Second Dates: From Line Editing to Book Revision”

5. Unlock Secret Rewards

Each week you hit your goal, you unlock a Secret Reward - sometimes silly things and other times big things like a private call with a professional writing coach or a QA night with a special guest speaker.


There is only one rule

At every event (whether online or offline), our only rule is that you treat every single person as if they are your soul friend

That means go the extra mile for one another - support and root one another on like you’ve never experienced before because everything changes when you are in a
.room full of soul friends

What our past participants are saying

9.2 out of 10 rating


I LOVED my writing quest - it was truly life changing. I did so much more writing than I have in a long, long time!

You all did an amazing job at building community in the virtual world. The way our buddies and teams were put together was genius; Morgan has been the perfect writing buddy for me!

Corporate Social Impact Manager

I wish it didn't end...

I felt like I had hit a wall with my writing, and Faith's (our instructor's) exercises were so effective and valuable while also simple to pick up.

I wish I had an entire semester to learn from Faith!!

Documentary Photo Journalist

So Amazing!

THANK YOU so much for putting together this writing series. I've had such amazing one on ones with my writing buddy, Rachel.

I wrote something this weekend that just feels right. One of the few times in my life I've written something I objectively believe to be Quality. I feel like this was a very important step in the process of finding my authentic voice as a writer. :D

Director of Field Operations

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What's the time commitment?

The amount of time you spend per week depends on how much time you are dedicating to your writing. Generally, 4 hours per week is average, which includes time you write, our weekly sessions, and your buddy check-in. (The duration of each Quest is 5 weeks).

+ How much do the Quests cost?

Early bird rates are between $290-$390 then it increases. We also offer a select number of Scholarship Tickets to make each Quest more affordable for folks.

+ How are buddy matches made?

After you sign up, we’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out and we use those responses to help us make matches. A few key things we take into account when matching are: writing level, the kind of writing you are working on, and personality fit. Many of our buddies in the past have continued to stay in touch even after their Quest ended! 💜

+ What are examples of writing goals past participants have set and reached?

We encourage folks to set a goal that's meaningful to them rather than what others are doing but here are examples to help provide inspiration-- past participants have launched blogs (like this), written 20,000 words for their first memoir, dedicated 20 minutes of writing per day, written 10 poems, and more.

+ How can I stay in the loop?

Join one of our waitlists above to stay in the loop about a specific Quest. You're also welcome to join our newsletter to get the latest news and stories about our current Quest and what's happening in our community.

+ I have another question!

+ I have another question!No problem! You can email Payam (our Founder) at Payam@writewithfriends.com. He's a super fast replier!