Online Writing Quest

You choose your own 5 week writing goal. We'll surround you with a top notch instructor and incredibly supportive community to help you reach your goal.


Joyce is the author of seventeen books including the New York Times bestseller, Labor Day (adapted into a film starring Kate Winslet) and the groundbreaking memoir, At Home in the World. She has also been a NPR commentator, fiction writer, essayist for Newsweek, Vanity Fair, The New York Times and over a hundred publications.
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Starts Wednesday, October 14th
6 weekly sessions over 5 weeks

Writing alone is hard. Come write with soul friends.

Are you looking to jumpstart your writing and have fun while doing it? Look no further, the SoulFriends community is here for you.

This 5-Week Online Writing Quest is for you if:

  • You want to finally publish those essays in draft mode, make significant progress on your book, or simply create more dedicated space in your life to write.
  • You’re ready to learn from award-winning writing experts to elevate your writing craft.
  • You’re looking for accountability and a supportive community filled with encouragement, feedback, and fun rewards.
  • You believe the world would be a better place if everyone treated each other like soul friends.

By the end of our Quests, participants launched blogs (like this), wrote 20,000 words for their first book, and picked up new writing techniques and habits to keep the momentum going.

Get a glimpse of what happened in our previous Writing Quest by watching this recap video we made for our past participants. Presented by Soul-TV, our in-house news network!
Reserve Your Spot

How it works:

1. You set your writing goal

Choose weekly goals that are meaningful and easy to measure for you. For example, it could be number of pages, number of blog posts, or number of hours writing. We'll help you refine this is at our Kickoff Call.


2. We'll match you with an accountability buddy and small team

Community is key to overcoming setbacks and moments of doubt. Your buddy and team will encourage you and you'll do the same for them because when we're all in it together, we can all win.

(Learn more about how we make matches below in the FAQ).

3. NYT Bestselling Author leads weekly video sessions

Every Wednesday evening, our Writing Guide, Joyce, will lead our weekly live sessions, which includes a practical writing lesson, writing prompts, and time to check in with others. (~90 minutes)

Past topics have included: 
- "The Art & Science of Persuasion: Using The Eleven Senses to Improve your Writing"
- "Second Dates: From Line Editing to Book Revision”


4. Write, then check-in with your buddy!

At the end of each week, you’ll send your writing to your accountability buddy and exchange feedback. It can be over video, phone, or email. Whatever works best for the two of you!

5. Unlock Secret Rewards

Each week you hit your goal, you unlock a Secret Reward - sometimes silly things and other times big things like a private call with a professional writing coach or a QA night with a special guest speaker.

One of our rewards last Quest was we brought in Alka Joshi, an NYT Bestseller, for a QA chat with our community.

Early bird pricing ends Sept 25th
$290-$390 per person

Price increases to $390-$490 after Sept 25th. We also offer a select number of Scholarship tickets to make this Quest accessible to more people. You'll see that option when reserving your spot.

By the end of this quest, you will have

  • Set a meaningful writing goal and reached it!
  • Had regular opportunities to share and get feedback on your work from your accountability buddy
  • Learned new writing lessons and exercises from an award-winning author and guests we bring in
  • Unlocked a variety of rewards such as a 30 minute call with a writing coach
  • Made new friends who are similarly going through the writing process (~80 fellow writers will be on this journey with you!)

There is only one rule

At all of our gatherings (whether online or offline), our only rule is that you treat every single person as if they are your soul friend

That means go the extra mile for one another - support and root one another on like you’ve never experienced before because everything changes when you are in a room full of soul friends


Oct 14 - Nov 18 | 6 Sessions Over 5 Weeks
(Live video calls over Zoom)

  • Sessions are Wednesday evenings from 6-740pm PT.
  • Includes a kickoff call, four craft sessions, and a celebration call
  • We also host optional gatherings throughout the Quest in order to help you meet more people and deepen your writing practice. Ex: Community writing night, Submission party, and Office hours with Joyce

Early bird pricing ends Sept 25th
$290-$390 per person

Our Amazing Guide

We can't fully understand how our Writing Guide, Joyce Maynard, has published seventeen books throughout her career! We often have trouble writing for seventeen consecutive minutes without clicking on a YouTube video...

Few writers exist today who have explored and mastered as many writing genres as Joyce.

Among her seventeen published books are nine novels, two children’s books, a true-crime thriller, and three volumes of memoir including At Home in the World, a #MeToo story twenty years ahead of its time that has been translated into sixteen languages.

Her novels include the New York Times bestseller To Die For (adapted into a film starring Nicole Kidman and Joaquin Phoenix) and Labor Day, (adapted into another film starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin).

Uh, can we get an invite, next time?? Joyce hanging out with Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin at the film screening of her book, Labor Day.
Joyce guest teaching a writing class at Yale University. Lucky ducks!
Our favorite photo of Joyce! A blast from the past -- 1985. Joyce spending the day picnicing with her daughter, Audrey. How adorable is Audrey's hat?!

Joyce has also been a New York Times reporter, NPR commentator, syndicated columnist, travel writer, fiction writer, essayist for Vogue, Newsweek, Vanity Fair and a few hundred other publications.

On top of all that, for the last twenty-five years, she’s balanced her own writing career with another passion: teaching writers of all levels, from just starting out to M.F.A. students and published authors. In 2001, she founded The Lake Atitlan Memoir Workshop, on the shores of a volcanic lake in Guatemala, to help writers of all levels and disciplines find their voice and tell their story.

She's excited to share her wisdom and guide our SoulFriends community on this next Quest!

What our past participants are saying

9.2 out of 10 rating


I LOVED my writing quest - it was truly life changing. I did so much more writing than I have in a long, long time!

You all did an amazing job at building community in the virtual world. The way our buddies and teams were put together was genius; Morgan has been the perfect writing buddy for me!

Corporate Social Impact Manager

I wish it didn't end...

I felt like I had hit a wall with my writing, and our instructor's exercises were so effective and valuable while also simple to pick up.

I wish I had an entire semester to learn from her!!

Documentary Photo Journalist

So Amazing!

THANK YOU so much for putting together this writing series. I've had such amazing one on ones with my writing buddy, Rachel.

I wrote something this weekend that just feels right. One of the few times in my life I've written something I objectively believe to be Quality. I feel like this was a very important step in the process of finding my authentic voice as a writer. :D

Director of Field Operations

Early bird pricing ends Sept 25th
$290-$390 per person

Price increases to $390-$490 after Sept 25th. We also offer a select number of Scholarship tickets to make this Quest accessible to more people. You'll see that option when reserving your spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How are buddy matches made?

After you sign up, we’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out and we use those responses to help us make matches. A few key things we take into account when matching are: writing level, the kind of writing you are working on, and personality fit.

About half of our buddy pairs in the past have continued to stay in touch after their Quest ended! 💜

+ Is this just for people working on books and blogs?

Nope! Most people tend to be working on a book, short stories, or short essays but this Quest is open to people working on all kinds of writing. We've had folks in the past working on poetry and screenplays too!

+ How many participants / fellow writers will be on this Quest?

There will be about 80 folks total. You will be matched with a buddy and a 4 person team, where you'll have a chance to learn from others, get support, and give support. Our goal is to provide you a small group for accountability, consistency, and momentum and have the larger (80 person) community to lean into for wider support and questions.

+ What's the time commitment?

It depends on how much time you are dedicating to your writing. Generally, 4 hours per week is average, which includes time you write, our weekly sessions, and your buddy check-in.

+ What's the refund policy?

You can receive a 100% refund by October 8th.

+ Who else is a part of this Quest and what are their writing goals?

We have people signed up from across the country working on a wide range of writing goals -- such as finishing three chapters in their book, completing 4 work related blog posts, launching their blog, refining a short story and getting it published in a notable magazine, and much more!

+ Will Joyce read my writing and give me feedback?

There are going to be ~80 people on this Quest so it's not doable logistically for her to read everyone's work (as much as she really does want to). However, she will often ask folks to submit their writing to her and will select a handful and weave into her writing lessons as examples.

Your buddy will be there to read you work weekly and give general feedback. Additionally, one of our weekly rewards near the end will consist of 12 people getting the opportunity to have a private coaching call with a professional writing coach to get deeper feedback.

+ How can I stay in the loop?

Join our newsletter to know more updates about this Quest and future ones!

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+ Last question -- will I get to meet any of the famous actresses who have adapted Joyce's novels to the big screen...aka Nicole Kidman...

Sooo...Payam is also very interested in this question too. When he posed this question to Joyce, she laughed and said, "let's get back to work, dear." Hmmm...we'll take that as a "maybe"...let's give it a 2% chance...🤔

+ I have another question!

No problem! You can email Payam (our Founder) at He's a super fast replier!