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Our Writing Membership is for writers and aspiring writers who are eager to finish their book, publish their essays/stories, or develop a consistent writing practice.

Weekly sessions to help you build better habits and write more consistently

Learn from award-winning authors and instructors

Receive feedback on your writing

Develop new friendships with fellow writers and have fun!

Seats are limited
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Treat everyone like a soul friend
Go the extra mile, cheer each other on, and support one another like you never have before—because everything changes when you’re in a room full of soul friends.

How it all works:

1. Set and track your goals with our Goal-Friends Tracker

We designed the Goal-Friends Tracker to help you break your big goal down into weekly achievements that are meaningful and easy to measure for you. 

  • Over time, it'll help you see patterns and learn how to set goals that best fit for your writing habits and personality.


2. Write, share, and meet fellow writers at our "Write & Share Nights"

Each week, we'll place you in small groups to meet new writers and work towards your writing goals such as providing you:

  • Dedicated time to write
  • Opportunity to give and receive feedback
  • Opportunity to share your work
  • Try new writing exercises

You’ll have booked 2 hrs a week in your calendar to write and share your work. No excuses :)

3. Unlock Rewards each week you reach your goal

Stay motivated and have fun by unlocking rewards such as:

  • Silly things like the best writing playlist. Ever.
  • Writing things like a curated list of places to get your work published
  • BIG things like a chance to have a private call with a published author

4. Submit your writing for feedback

Submit one of your writings at the end of the month and include a few questions for feedback.

  • One of our Readers (vetted group of writers who give great feedback) will review it and give you tangible, constructive feedback.

5. Improve your writing skills with our Monthly Workshops

Each month, one of our writing experts will lead a workshop to help you strengthen your writing practice. Topics such as:

  • "Revision Done Well"
  • "How to Use the 5 Senses"
  • "The Art of Dialogue"
  • "How to Build Dynamic Characters"
  • Guest Speaker Conversations with Prominent Authors, Agents, and more
Seats are limited
Become a Member

Our Writing Experts

Seasoned writers who have reached where you want to go and want to help you get there too.

Alka Joshi

New york times bestselling

Deesha Philyaw

2020 National
book Award
finalist for FICTION

Faith Adiele

memorist +

Mary Volmer

2x Historical
fiction author + PROFESSOR

Fellow Members

Connect with fellow writers who are on the journey with you and will keep you accountable.


Working on essays for blog


Working on poetry collection


Working on non fiction book


Working on fiction book

What People Are Saying

"BEST decision I have ever made. Forgive the caps, but come on, this was so amazing."

Christina L.
Participant in a previous SoulFriends Writing Class

"I have always prided myself on being the 'busy bee' but I was never focused on my dreams. This group helped me unlock excitement about my future and what's possible! This was seriously so transformative.

Deneen G.
Participant in a previous SoulFriends Writing Class

"The sessions are both very informative and creative! My boyfriend once came into the room and asked, 'why are you laughing so hard, I thought you were in a writing class?'"

Shikha K.
Participant in a previous SoulFriends Writing Class

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For those who want structured accountability, community, and to learn from experts.

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"3 Write & Share Nights" (per month)

Monthly Writing Workshop led by one of our Writing Experts

Goal-Friends Tracker

Weekly Rewards

Private Online Group with fellow members



For those who also want consistent feedback on their writing.

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"3 Write & Share Nights" (per month)

Monthly Writing Workshop led by one of our Writing Experts

Goal-Friends Tracker

Weekly Rewards

Private Online Group with fellow members

Receive monthly feedback on your writing by a professional writer



For those who want one-on-one private coaching.

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All the greatness of General and Premium, plus:

A monthly coaching session with one of our Writing Experts

› Timing: Please note "Write & Share Nights" and "Writing Workshops" occur on Wednesdays at 6PM PT over Zoom. Recordings will be available if you miss an evening.

› No long term contract.
Comes out to less than $7/day.

› On the fence? Try it for a month. If you don't find it helpful, we'll refund your membership.

Commonly Asked Questions

+ What's the typical member working on and what's their writing level?

Most of our members are working full-time in something outside of their writing project. They could be in education, technology, healthcare, philanthropy, and more.

Our members writing levels vary - from hobbyists to freelance writers to folks who have been featured in prominent publications. They are working on all kinds of of writing -- books, short stories, essays, even poetry and TV writing. You'll likely find a number of people who are in a similar boat as you!

Generally, members who are working on books are publishing their book for the first time and our blog and short story writers are looking to get their work more widely published or their newsletter to be more widely read.

+ How is this membership different from a writing class or workshop?

Writing classes are great! However, we've found that writing goals can take months or even years to achieve, so it's critical to have consistent support, accountability, feedback, and resources to help you build strong habits and navigate through the lows.

With SoulFriends, you’re a part of an encouraging, focused, and FUN community that will make sure you hit your goals month after month. And whenever you don’t hit your goal, we’re there to help you get back up and running.

+ What's the time commitment?

For scheduled events, we have a weekly “Write and Share” night or a “Workshop Night” that lasts 1.5-2 hours. But how much time you dedicate to your writing is completely up to you!

+ What's the cancellation policy?

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your membership at any time. There's no long-term contract.

+ Can I join if I live outside the US?

Yes! We welcome soul friends from anywhere. However, keep in mind that our weekly writing/workshop nights may not be suitable to your time zone. (They all start at 6PM PT).

+ I'm having trouble figuring out what my goal should be. Can you give me examples on what others are working on?

Absolutely! Monthly goals can be things like:

-Finish two chapters in my book
-Complete 4 blog posts
-Grow my newsletter by 30%
-Write for 30 minutes four times a week
-Submit my essay to a notable magazine

We'll help you break your monthly goals into weekly goals too so it's easier to make progress and you can see if and when you need to make adjustments.

+ Do you still plan on hosting Quests (multi-week writing classes)?

Yes! It's not on the calendar currently but we have lots of ideas for different kinds of classes to host and SoulFriends members will get a significant discount on them. Stay tuned!

+ Why is this community called SoulFriends?

Learn about the backstory on our Mission page :)

+ I have another question!

No problem! You can email Payam (our Founder) at He's a super fast replier!