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Welcome to the Friend Zone

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Payam Salehi
Welcome to the Friend Zone

Hello Soul Friends!

We started this blog to share stories inspired and shaped by the wonderful people in our community. Stories that will make you feel “oh-my-god-I-believe-in-humanity-again” or “this person is ahhmazing, I wanna know more!” or “hahah stop it, stop it. I’m laughing too hard. Is that you, Payam? So embarrassing...” 🤣

Hopefully, for my sake, it'll be very low on the embarrassing side…

Some stories to expect are:

  • Buddy Stories
  • Writing Spotlights -- 🔥 stories Quest participants have written that we think y’all gotta read
  • Q&A Interviews with different folks in our community -- staff, advisors, instructors, participants, guest speakers, and more
  • Friendship Tips -- ways to create more soul friend moments in your own life

Welcome to "The Friend Zone", from our living room to yours...

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