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Postcard Writing Project Q&A

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Katie Morris
Postcard Writing Project Q&A

Katie Morris, our Social Media & Storyteller interviews Angela Lang as she shares with us a digital postcard project she worked on during our past Writing Quest!

1. So you’re working on a digital postcard project. What does that mean exactly? Tell us about it!

For a long time, I’ve been wanting to send out a friendly little note with a photo that does not live in social media. I called it a postcard, because I’m aiming for a brief, warm, and immediate tone that situates the readers in a mindset, a place, or a person for three minutes, and offers an actionable “I think of you,” “I miss you,” or “this is amazing,” without having to say it.  I also want the images to evoke daydreaming, to transport the recipients into the arms of imagination for a bit.   

Ideally, it’d be about the kind of topics that come up after a nice, long meal with a friend, when all the catching up on life events has been completed, and you share that little something that amazes you or obsesses you, making your life lighter, funnier, easier. 

Angela with German (her dad), Bennedick from Germany, and Erin from Canada, at the Compostela/St. James Pathway in Spain.

2. Why did you decide to go with this format for your next writing adventure, and how does it make you feel?

I wrote travel, wellness and arts articles for lifestyle magazines for a decade. In 2019, I took a break. For this quest, my purpose was to reconnect with my confidence. I wanted to create something that I could share with my friends, that would say “I’m here for you,” and that could contribute to our conversations.   

Starting this project has been daunting, as I have stepped out of my comfort zone and what I’m more used to writing, but also very rewarding. It has reminded me of the importance of explorations and it has reconnected me with the playful aspects of writing. 

As I struggle to find the tone, and the format, and fight my inner perfectionist, I am also reminded that process is progress, even if things don’t happen as quickly or as seamlessly. Doing a bit every week is still better than not doing anything at all. 


3. What do you hope subscribing to your postcards will do for others?

I have been very fortunate to travel in many different capacities, and I spent the last two years abroad doing research for a book on traveling companions, strangers and the spark of friendship. This made me appreciate even more my friends and the connections I have with people and places all over the world. 

So I want to create a space for sharing random global curiosities, little pleasures, things that make us tickle, and the awesomeness of people. 

Angela in New Zealand with her new friend, Takako

While traveling all these years, and even in my own neighborhood in New York (my adopted home) or in Bogota (my natal home), I have met lots of people who were extremely generous with their time, recommendations and stories—but those things did not fit in the format or the style of the assignments I was working on. So, as a token of appreciation for who all these people are, for the forces that brought us together and the moments that we shared,  I want to develop a space to capture stories and people’s interest with an element of serendipity that does not necessarily follow standard useful advice for “getting to know a place.” 

My final goal is to have my friends and future readers contribute, to collect photos and stories from many places, and to create a virtual cabinet of global curiosities.     


The Postcard Project is still in beta, but if you want to be added to the mailing list, you can add your email here. You can also follow/connect with Angela on IG @portableangela, LinkedIn and her portfolio