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My Poetry is Inspired by Children's Books

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Katie Morris
My Poetry is Inspired by Children's Books

Christina (Xtina) Lancaster is a terrific poet and a dedicated member of the SoulFriends community. 

Through her (three!) Writing Quest experiences, she has impressively created a chapbook of her favorite poems, consistently written 30 minutes a day, and led community writing nights on Zoom that bring us all together for rituals and free-writing.

We wanted to know, where does she find inspiration for her poetry? How does she get words on an empty page and get started?

Her answer: Children's books.

Christina says she reads old children's books and uses them to inspire new poems. She'll even begin writing fragments of the poem on each page.

“I needed to set myself free from the pressure of the page, so my rule is I write in ink in the books and commit to the creativity I feel at that moment. Editing comes later,” said Christina.

Below are a few of her poems, along with the pages that inspired them!

To Daddy’s Blue Volkswagen

Your car is your carriage. 

You work to get away—

it feels like eighteen hours a day.



a Camaro 

that never moves—

your blue Volkswagen Rabbit 

was the first I knew of you. 

I believe you when you say,

there is a rabbit in there, too. 

I peak in the gas tank

and wonder why he doesn’t move.

And yet you do.

You come and go.

You storyteller, 

you vagabond,

you blue pumpkin!

Obelus ÷

In this house

we bury bones.

It’s no wonder

he hurries home.

Brakes gone,

the gas still on--

it already feels like dawn.

The Sky in San Francisco is Cut Like Paper

I no longer know what day it is, 

but the sun is already setting into the next.

Gazing down Hyde from my third floor battlement,

I think how the streets are longer and wider when they’re empty.

The pandemic hits like a waterfall--

wave after wave followed by absolute surrender.