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Joining a Writing Community During a Pandemic

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Katie Morris
Joining a Writing Community During a Pandemic

Shelley Karpaty shares what her experience was like in Writing Quest #2


It was mid-January, 2020, and the future was bright with hope; after all, when would we have 2020 vision again? My recruiting contract was coming to an end and I would have the usual 1 -2 month respite while looking for another consulting role. I was grateful to have some time to devote to my side writing projects and find a writing community. I began attending Meetups at local cafes and attended a few monthly open mic nights. 

Little did I know what was to follow. 

The consulting role never came, but the pandemic hit like a meteor from the sky. The writing groups stopped and everything shifted to virtual. How would I find my writing community online? Would I be able to have a writing buddy that would truly help me become focused and better? 

Faith Adiele, a teacher of mine from five years ago, had a flurry of happenings on her Instagram page. Knowing her teaching style, I had to figure out how to get in on the creative wave. Enter: SoulFriends. What was this group and would it be the right place for me? After a few clicks, I met Payam, the founder of this writing community, and I quickly realized I was embarking upon a multi-level writing adventure.

They equipped this writing adventure with all the ways of connecting, from Slack to weekly Zooms to emails, all in the name of writing support. Their website claims, “We offer thoughtfully designed 5 Week Online Writing Quests, which includes award-winning authors as guides, accountability buddies, weekly writing lessons, and secret rewards.” And it was all this and so much more! 

Sending love to a fellow Questmate who wasn't able to make a session because of a family member passing away.

Besides the weekly Zoom calls guided by Faith, the team, and high-quality speakers like Alka Joshi and Irving Ruan, we also had small group breakout sessions to experience writing and sharing with fellow writers. The SoulFriends team had literally thought of everything by including a leader within the small groups to help us stay on track. 

Alka Joshi, an NYT Bestseller, chatting with our group!

I have taken many classes over the last five years and I have always hoped to find a writing buddy that would outlast the class, but there had not been one that stuck. While I didn’t have any expectations, the SoulFriends team worked to pair people up with a buddy based on their criteria, personality types, writing focus, and requests. They paired me with a writing buddy 3,000 miles away in the state where I was raised, which was a cool synchronicity in and of itself. 💜

Synchronicity sparkled, and once we got our groove going, this writing buddy encouraged me, believed in me, and inspired me to meet my weekly writing goals. I am so very grateful for her, and we have a flow that continues after the 5 week Writing Quest. 

Writers need writers. We need our community. We inspire, support, and sincerely want one another to succeed. In a competitive world, having a community like this is a refuge from the harshness and a place to recognize that we all have something important and beautiful to say. I can’t wait for the next Writing Quest.


Shelley Karpaty is a Writer, Meditation and Enneagram Guide who enjoys learning about human nature as much as being in nature while drinking her favorite coffee. Find her at: Instagram | Medium |