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Our 5 Week Writing Quest (Class) is for writers and aspiring writers who are eager to jumpstart their writing practice, whether it's working on their book, finishing their essays/short stories, or writing more consistently.

Improve your writing craft via weekly writing sessions

Learn from award-winning authors and instructors

Receive feedback on your writing

Get matched with an accountability buddy and team

Unlock fun rewards to keep you motivated!

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Get a glimpse of what happened in one of our previous Writing Quest by watching this recap video we made for our past participants.

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Enter our magical community and
meet top-notch writing experts

We have 1 important rule 🌹

Treat everyone like a soul friend
Go the extra mile, cheer each other on, and support one another like you never have before—because everything changes when you’re in a room full of soul friends.

How it all works:

1. Set and track your goals with our Goal-Friends Tracker

We designed the Goal-Friends Tracker to help you break your big goal down into weekly achievements that are meaningful and easy to measure for you. 


2. Matched with an accountability buddy and small team

Community is key to overcoming setbacks and moments of doubt.

Your buddy and team will encourage you and you'll do the same for them because when we're all in it together, we can all win.

(Learn more about how we make matches below in the FAQ).

3. Each week a Writing Expert will lead a writing craft session

Every Wednesday evening, we'll bring in a new writing instructor, to lead our weekly live video sessions, which includes a practical writing lesson, writing prompts, and time to check in with others. (~90 minutes)

Past topics have included:

  • "Revision Done Well"
  • "How to Use the 5 Senses"
  • "The Art of Dialogue"
  • "How to Build Dynamic Characters"
  • Guest Speaker Conversations with Prominent Authors, Agents, and more


4. Check in with your buddy for feedback

At the end of each week, you’ll send your writing to your accountability buddy and exchange feedback.

  • It can be over video, phone, or email. Whatever works best for the two of you!

5. Unlock Rewards each week you reach your goal

Stay motivated and have fun by unlocking rewards such as:

  • Silly things like the best writing playlist. Ever.
  • Writing things like a curated list of places to get your work published
  • BIG things like a chance to have a private call with a published author

Registration closed
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Our Writing Experts

Seasoned writers who have reached where you want to go and want to help you get there too.

Alka Joshi

New york times bestselling

Deesha Philyaw

2020 National
book Award
finalist for FICTION

Faith Adiele

memorist +

Mary Volmer

2x Historical
fiction author + PROFESSOR

Fellow Members

Connect with fellow writers who are on the journey with you and will keep you accountable.


Working on essays for blog


Working on poetry collection


Working on non fiction book


Working on fiction book

What People Are Saying


I LOVED my writing quest - it was truly life changing. I did so much more writing than I have in a long, long time! You all did an amazing job at building community in the virtual world.

The way our buddies and teams were put together was genius; Morgan has been the perfect writing buddy for me!"

Kerry R.

"Life Changing.

"I have always prided myself on being the 'busy bee' but I was never focused on my dreams. This group helped me unlock excitement about my future and what's possible! This was seriously so transformative."

Deneen G.

"So Much Fun.

The sessions are both so informative and creative! My boyfriend once came into the room and asked, 'why are you laughing so hard, I thought you were in a writing class? hahah."

Shikha K.

Commonly Asked Questions

+ How are buddy matches made?

After you sign up, we’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out and we use those responses to help us make matches. A few key things we take into account when matching are: writing level, the kind of writing you are working on, and personality fit.

Many of our buddies in the past have continued to stay in touch even after their Quest ended! 💜

+ Is this just for people working on books and blogs?

Nope! Most people tend to be working on a book, short stories, or short essays but this Quest is open to people working on all kinds of writing. We've had folks in the past working on poetry and screenplays too!

+ How much does it cost and what's the time commitment?

Our 5 Week Quest is $490. We also offer early bird pricing and scholarships to make it more affordable to more people.

As far as time commitment, it depends on how much time you are dedicating to your writing. Generally, 6 hours per week is average, which includes time you write, our weekly sessions, and your buddy check-in.

+ How many participants / fellow writers will be on this Quest?

There will be about 50 folks total. You will be matched with a buddy and a 4 person team, where you'll have a chance to learn from others, get support, and give support. Our goal is to provide you a small group for accountability, consistency, and momentum and have the larger (~50 person) community to lean into for wider support and questions.

+ Can I join if I live outside the US?

Yes! We welcome soul friends from anywhere. However, keep in mind that our weekly writing/workshop nights may not be suitable to your time zone. (They all start at 6PM PT).

+ I'm having trouble figuring out what my goal should be. Can you give me examples on what others are working on?

Absolutely! 5 week goals can be things like:

-Finish two chapters in my book
-Complete 5 blog posts
-Grow my newsletter by 30%
-Write for 30 minutes four times a week
-Submit my essay to a notable magazine

We'll help you break your 5 week goals into weekly goals too so it's easier to make progress and you can see if and when you need to make adjustments.

+ Will the instructors give me feedback on my work?

Given the size of the group, instructors will not be giving folks individual feedback on their writing. However, there'll be opportunities to get feedback on your work from your buddy and one of the rewards at the end is we will raffle off a number of spots for a private call with a Writing Coach. Additionally, at the end of each of our sessions, there's dedicated QA time where you can ask instructors anything you like.

+ Why is this community called SoulFriends?

Learn about the backstory on our Mission page :)

+ I have another question!

No problem! You can email Payam (our Founder) at He's a super fast replier!