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SoulFriends is a vibrant writing community for those who believe writing can be far more joyful and productive when surrounded with radical support.

We offer thoughtfully designed 5 Week Online Writing Quests, which includes award-winning authors as guides, accountability buddies, weekly writing lessons, secret rewards, and more.
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⭐ 9.2 out of 10 recommendation rating

This is not your typical online class -- it's an inward journey; a social experience; a challenge to elevate each others' voices.

This is a SoulFriends Writing Quest.

Matched with a wonderful accountability buddy and team cohort

Award-winning author provides weekly lessons via video

Unlock secret rewards as you hit your goals

Access to guest speaker conversations and a writing coach

Everyone chooses their own writing goal. We all support each other to reach it.

Regardless of your goal or the genre you are working on, we're here if you are ready to write, give, and get support.

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What our past participants are saying

9.2 out of 10 rating


I LOVED my writing quest - it was truly life changing. I did so much more writing than I have in a long, long time!

You all did an amazing job at building community in the virtual world. The way our buddies and teams were put together was genius; Morgan has been the perfect writing buddy for me!

Corporate Social Impact Manager

I wish it didn't end...

I felt like I had hit a wall with my writing, and Faith's (our instructor's) exercises were so effective and valuable while also simple to pick up.

I wish I had an entire semester to learn from Faith!!

Documentary Photo Journalist

So Amazing!

THANK YOU so much for putting together this writing series. I've had such amazing one on ones with my writing buddy, Rachel.

I wrote something this weekend that just feels right. One of the few times in my life I've written something I objectively believe to be Quality. I feel like this was a very important step in the process of finding my authentic voice as a writer. :D

Director of Field Operations

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